Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Trinity Stores, Des Lys Patisserie and Halloween

Well, October has been and gone, and I've had quite a cake-filled month- here's hoping November will be the same or better!

To start off, I've been exploring the lovely cake treats Balham has to offer. First stop- Trinity Stores on Balham Station Road. This deli and cafe is bustling with customers, and as well as getting a coffee, cake or light lunch you can stock up on nice homemade bits and bobs to fill your cupboards- chutneys, coffee, chocolates etc.

Although distracted by the vast array of sandwiches, salad and quiches, I restrained myself to just having chocolate cupcakes that were beautifully displayed on a cake-stand by the till. 
 These mini cupcakes have a rich chocolate ganache style icing, which really compliments a very chocolatey sponge- all nicely balanced with flavour. The crunch of the hundreds and thousands is a nice addition, and any other decorations could make the combination over-complicated. For a fully chocolatey taste, these mini cupcakes hit the spot, though any bigger and it might be too much. I really like the homemade look of these cakes, which fits in with Trinity Stores and its style, and hope to sample more of their cakes soon- I'll be branching away from cupcakes next time!

Take a look at Trinty Stores on their website, or go and have a visit- it's right by the station, so there's no excuse!


Next up- staying in Balham- the delightful Des Lys Patisserie Boulangerie on Bedford Hill. This French patisserie and cafe is small and welcoming, with three tables where you can sit and enjoy delicate cakes in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. The selection on offer includes homemade pastries, artisanal bread, croissants and cakes (whole or pieces). Also on the counter are fun French sweets to give it that 'out-of-London' feel!

When choosing my cake, I couldn't resist a piece of beautiful pink and white Genoise cake, which didn't disappoint when tasting!

The delicate layers of thin sponge and strawberry flavoured mousse make this cake decadent but not too rich- light and easy to eat. The cake is topped with a thin layer of  mousse and glaze, then piped white chocolate with a sprinkling of coconut. The taste is delicious, and its lightness makes this cake a delight to eat. I'm already looking forward to my next piece of cake from Des Lys!

Take a look at their website for more information:   www.delys8.com

And finally....

For Halloween, I decided to have some fun with cupcakes of my own, and tried out Red Velvet for the first time. As well as enjoying the fun chemical reaction when you add the white wine vinegar and baking soda, the slightly more time consuming recipe ended up being worthwhile, and I enjoyed making weird and wonderful designs.

Enjoying these only slightly consoled me and my disappointment at missing Cupcake Camp, which I have been reading lots about on Twitter...next year I hope to be there in force, but will be perfecting my own baking efforts so I can contribute too!
Until next time....


  1. The Tarte is the easiest thing in the world, the pastry doesn't even need rolling! Just make sure the butter is very soft and you're home free. Your blog is so pretty, will you be uploading the last few creations?

  2. My latest post is my first catch up on my baking contributions and will be followed by a run down of my tea parties and other reviews! Spring resolution- be more vigilant with posting!